Winter vegetables to grow

winter vegetables to grow   :One of the most frustrating aspects of growing your own vegetables is clear that more crops off in late fall, leaving you with a few crops to harvest in the spring. However, there are crops that can grow in the winter to welcome spring harvest. Some good plants to start are:
Beans - not a lot of vegetable seeds germinate in cold winter temperatures, but the beans are one of them. However, sometimes it hard to germinate in moist conditions. winter vegetables to grow If you have heavy soil, can be a good idea to plant in beds and put a black plastic film on the ground for a couple of weeks before planting to increase soil temperature.

Broccoli - If the plant broccoli varieties of winter in the fall, you'll be able to collect the heads of mid to late spring. One great thing about broccoli is that it continues to produce side shoots after harvesting the main head.winter vegetables to grow

Celery - like spinach, celery actually grows best in the cooler months, as it is less likely to run to seed right now.winter vegetables to grow plant seedlings in early autumn, with plenty of compost and are expected to grow slowly but surely throughout the winter. In mid-spring, the first storks should be ready for harvest

winter vegetables to grow:Lettuce - a series of winter lettuce varieties are available that grow well in colder temperatures. If you like salads, I recommend planting them under cloches plastic so that you can reap all winter, if it is not planted in the fall in a sunny, reasonably well drained and should be ready to taken in early spring and in the middle.

Spinach - grow plants indoors and then plant in a sunny, late winter.winter vegetables to grow Since spinach is a fast growing plant, which must be capable of the first leaves in less than eight weeks.

winter vegetables to grow:The main key to grow vegetables in cold conditions are adequate sunlight and good drainage. Get these points right and you should not have too many problems.

If you have a heavy soil that gets waterlogged in winter will build raised beds wooden, stone or masonry blocks,winter vegetables to grow then add lots of organic matter in the darker and more friable (soil darker soil absorbs more sunlight, helping to raise the temperature of the soil).

winter vegetables to grow In general, pests and diseases are a minor problem in the winter, but beware of slugs and snails. These can take a heavy toll on young plants, but can be easily controlled by slug cheap and mollusks or removed by hand.

Once cured warms in spring, it is important to keep the plants watered adequately. If plants dry quickly in the spring after a wet winter is more likely to encounter seed prematurely.winter vegetables to grow

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