Monkey Orchids-The Beautiful Flower

monkey orchids:Impressed? No unaltered! Their eyes are really beautiful eyes deceiving at first glance only to leave you in a state of stupor. Not hard to guess what you really look for, are orchids that resemble a monkey face 'to, and were designated as "Dracula monkey Orchid Similar. However, they prefer not to give their partner (for obvious reasons).monkey orchids

This is one in a million flowers are mostly found in the cloud forests of "southern Ecuador at high altitude 1000-2000 meters. Apparently, the smell of ripe oranges. Rare plants are grown, which is probably why they were not appointed until 1978.monkey orchids

There are very diverse, with about 120 species of beautiful grow to great heights of Ecuador and Peru. They bloom at any time of the year, and the flower at any time they want.monkey orchids Usually grow to 5 cm in length, and can not live in an environment that exceeds 27 degrees, and that's why these flowers enjoy fresh and humid environments.

These orchids need a lot of care and attention, so if you plan to buy will be planted in partial shade and water regularly.

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