How to grow tomatoes in pots?

how to grow tomatoes in pots:Tomatoes need full sun, rich soil and plenty of water. Make sure your pots have excellent drainage so the soil does not stay wet. Place your pots where they will be easily cared for and where you can tend them comfortably. Stake and tie taller plants to keep them neat. Make sure trailing plants don't hang on the ground. If you don't have a lot of space, grow some of the smaller growing varieties that are actually labeled 'patio tomatoes'. There are also varieties designed to grow in hanging pots. Choose a variety that suits your climate and your preference in flavor, size of fruit or color. There are hundreds to choose to grow tomatoes in pots

One thing that might help if you are growing your own tomatoes is to understand that a 'determinate' variety is one that will only grow to about 3' high before cropping and will offer tomatoes for a few weeks, and then it will be to grow tomatoes in pots The 'indeterminate' varieties produce much larger plants - that can grow to 12' high so they need lots of room - but will keep fruiting for up to twenty weeks. Better for the home gardener is the group of 'semi-determinate' varieties that will crop for about four to six weeks and will grow closer to four to six feet to grow tomatoes in pots

how to grow tomatoes in pots Because they are capable of rooting from the stems tomatoes can actually be planted deeply. So, if your plant is long and leggy, plant it into a larger pot so the soil reaches up to an inch or two under the bottom to grow tomatoes in pots

how to grow tomatoes in pots Big feeders, your tomatoes will appreciate being fed lightly and frequently. If you feed your plants half the amount listed on the directions, you can give them food regularly without fear of overfeeding or burning the roots. You can use premixed vegetable foods or feed your plants organically with fish to grow tomatoes in pots

how to grow tomatoes in pots Keep an eye out for aphids and white fly. These two sucking insect pests can wreak havoc on tomato plants. If you see clusters of aphid bodies gathering on vulnerable shoots or clouds of tiny white flying insects favoring the underside of your tomato leaves, wash them off with a strong blast of water. Spray with insecticidal soap. Avoid using toxic insecticides on edibles like tomatoes. Non-toxic methods will keep the troublesome insects down if you wash the plants regularly. But be persistent as the insects will to grow tomatoes in pots

The upside down or tops turfy tomato planter is the latest popular item being sold for tomato growing. These planters can save space and grow happy plants. But beware that they are likely to dry out very fast in hot sun and, despite what the advertisers say,how to grow tomatoes in pots growing small-growing varieties are the only way to make sure your plants will grow with adequate root space. Most people who've used these pots report that the plants grow for a shorter time and most of the pots are not very to grow tomatoes in pots

There is a lot more to say about how to grow tomatoes in pots, but this should give you the most important basics. With a little care, you can grow a wonderful crop of tomatoes in a variety of to grow tomatoes in pots
how to grow tomatoes in pots

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