Freezing Blueberries .

freezing blueberries :Ah, summer. Full days of fog, wet nights and lots and lots of blueberries. These soft blue orbs of joy are welcome at any time of the year, but especially at this time, they provide a fruitful (Ah?) Balm for weeks been tough.

It is a way of flowers to say that blueberries are important selling at my supermarket and Costco, which goes for about $ 0.16/ounce.freezing blueberries  This is about as cheap as they have here, and I want to keep the loot for the winter months. (This is when I feel like blueberry pancakes, but will usually settle acorn squash pancakes. Is not the same thing.)

Fortunately, freezing blueberries for future use easier (blueberry) pie, and a heck lot cheaper than buying the off-season come January. All you need to do is follow these simple steps. You'll thank me come Christmas (gifts of expensive things because surely no one more deserving subject as babbling blogger very lax you barely know.) freezing blueberries

Anyway, we'll get there.

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box. Buy a carton Archie-de-la-Covenant Cranberries market size, big box store or place of your local farmer's favorite fruit. freezing blueberries

Step 1.5: Get freezer bags while you're there. Honestly, are nice to have around, to consider. Tom Boleyn was correct. freezing blueberries

Step 2: Take a picture that could one day be used as a computer training.freezing blueberries  Make sure it is well lit and development, so that people (note: his mother) think (s) you are very impressive.

Step 3: Measure the desired amount of blueberries. This could be in increments of cup or half a cup, or weight. Whichever you prefer. For my own malicious purposes, I made eight ounces at a time.

Step 4: Place the blueberries in a small baking sheet.freezing blueberries  Paste this sheet in your freezer.

NOTE: Blueberries are rare in general, you should expect to wash just before you use 'em. Less sweetness.

Step 5: Put in the freezer for a few hours. The night is the best.

Step 6: While the freezing process occurs, see the end of Friday Night Lights and reflect their values. I hope someday you can Coach Taylor proud.

Step 7: Once the fruit is frozen through, pour into a chest freezer Ziploc bag. Get as much air as possible,freezing blueberries  using a straw or purity, the purity mouth.freezing blueberries  Then label this asshole.

NOTE: You do not have to write "frozen blueberries" as so eloquently demonstrated here. Chances are you know are frozen when disconnected from ... wait for it ... yes, the freezer.freezing blueberries

And that's about it.  Blueberries should keep for a couple of months so. (If you start to see major frostbite or frost formation is probably a good indication that it should be used in the future.) Try it in smoothies, chips, oatmeal cookies or mentioned.

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