Growing Basil - The Best Way

growing basil :The first time I fell in love with gardening, my greatest seducer was herbs. Herbs not only found one of the easiest types of plants to grow, but they were also the most fun to create a garden - not to mention there most versatile group of plants. growing basil

Among the major species of herbs I could choose, basil (Optimum basilica) is one of my favorite experience. I realized that it was not only easy to grow basil and practical for the kitchen, but the storage and spreading of basil was very easy. growing basil

Basil is an annual thick sheets glossy surface tender that reaches about 18 "tall at maturity. It is growing rapidly, has a leaf crop prolific flowers and tiny white or purple flowers on spikes. For course,growing basil  the idea is to see those parts of the flower, which is a sign that the plant that it is time to stop making leaves - it's harvest.

Several cultivates have been bred for different nuances of flavor, appearance and size. Basil plants can present a common green leaf, but also come in beautiful purple. There are good, broad leaves and basil leaf lettuce and lemon,growing basil  cinnamon and aniseed-flavored varieties.

Basil is used in tomato, pesto, cooked peppers, eggplant, soup, fish and meat. Another popular form of use is like a basil oil or vinegar flavor.

Home basil cultivated garden (like other fresh food) has the purest flavor. If you enjoy cooking, you will not be able to live without fresh basil in the kitchen garden. If you like Italian food (and the "Italian",growing basil  I mean "tomatoes"), which will be coupled with basil raw for life. You can bet Gad De Laurent fresh basil planted at the door of her kitchen.growing basil

Basil in the garden
Most gardeners plant the basil seeds directly in the garden bed (or, in the jargon of the garden, "in situ") after the last frost in your area has passed. growing basil  As a native of the Mediterranean plant,growing basil  basil likes to be planted in full sun (which is 8 hours - or as close as you can get to it), and the soil with composted manure or other organic materials with good drainage. Avoid over watering plants like basil is prone to the disease, "drowning".

basil seeds can be started indoors in small individual pots, a few weeks before the last frost, too. Your success rate will be higher if it is placed on a basil plant cover or coils that increasing heat heating and despises sucks at low temperatures.growing basil  It is also an ideal candidate for growing in pots if you want to grow a little by the back door as Gad.

Once the plants are growing in several inches, mulch can basil (and other herbs) with coarse sand mason. growing basil  Do not buy regular arena park - is too thin. Mason sand is a barrier against weeds and helps to regulate the temperature fluctuations in the bed.growing basil  The most useful of the sand used as mulch in a bed of herbs partly reflects the sun and sun worshipers sprayed with heat. While basil growing, preventing the passage of the outer leaves of the plant to encourage bushy.

You can start picking basil leaves when plants are abundant. Cut several inches of stems and leaves of the plant,growing basil  especially in the first signs of the formation of groups scrape. You want to beat the signal from the factory to stop production of the crop leaves.

As a companion plant your flower or vegetable garden, basil has a complex role as a repellent against mosquitoes, mites and aphids. Basil also acts as a fungicide, it slows the growth of bed bugs. growing basil

Sign Basle cuts
Basil is one of the easiest plants in the world to start from cuttings, which is great. Not only because I am much better than I cut seeds, but because when you start this plant from cuttings much faster, growing basil  which means more basil and harvest earlier.

Pick up a bottle with a long neck and fill with water at room temperature. If you have a normal size basil plants, take a 6 "cut him, growing basil  if not dwarf basil, take a 4" cut. Now remove the lower leaves from the stem, leaving about three pairs of leaves at the top.

Place the lower half of the rod in the water leaving the top of the sheets in place. The water level must be kept high and cool and in a few weeks you'll have roots in his yard. growing basil

growing basil :When you have established roots will take the bottle off water and put in a "4-pot soil mixed with peat based. After a few weeks, the plant's new plant outside of basil in the garden bed or keep it as a house plant. growing basil  If you take a cup or two at the end of the growing season that could be a great way to make a basil plant inside winter.

Storage of dried basil

There are several ways to store the herbs, but it is one of the easiest I've found to hang in your home grown basil ways, growing basil  and you know how I love easy. Dry well when they are related to and hang around your kitchen or whatever you want herbs. However, growing basil  when herbs are dried in this way tend to lose their color, not to mention that it takes a long time to dry enough to be put into containers for later use in the kitchen.growing basil

Refrigerators have a share in the dehumidification perfect for drying herbs quickly place and maintain its rich color done. Gather a bunch of basil or other herb stems and place them loosely in a paper bag.growing basil  Close the top of the lunch bag with a chip clip or any other useful item for you to watch from time to time. Do not forget to label them. growing basil

The herbs are completely dry in a couple of days. growing basil  At this point, you can keep them where they are (just stick to the inside of the fridge to save space) or herbs break nicely into airtight containers for storage in a cool, dark place.

I'm always looking for reasons to use aromatic basil in my recipes for its incredible flavor. Well, and there's nothing like the smell of fresh basil in my hands.
growing basil 

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