The Best Way To Planting Strawberries

planting strawberries:Fresh strawberries are delicious in desserts and fruit salads. They also make a great addition to ice cream, pancakes and breakfast cereals. The fruit is eaten fresh, can be processed into jams and jellies.
Strawberries are very suitable for the vegetable garden. They require a relatively small amount of space in the garden, planting strawberries are resistant long Iowa, and are easy to grow. planting strawberries
types of Strawberries
Basically there are three types of strawberries. Holders of June are the most widely planted strawberry.planting strawberries June strawberries support one harvest per year, with most of the fruit ripening in June
The second type is the strawberry ever bearing strawberry. Ever bearing varieties typically produce a crop of spring and late summer with poor flowering and fruiting throughout the remainder of the growing season. planting strawberries
The day-neutral varieties are the third and final type of strawberry. They are considered an improvement of Type ever bearing strawberry, more productive.planting strawberries Day-neutral varieties better performance during cold periods of the growing season and no flowers and fruits during the hot season.planting strawberries If weather conditions are favorable, the strawberries will bear fruit from June to September.
Planting site
Strawberries require full sun and well-drained soil. planting strawberries The leaves, roots and fruit diseases are often poorly drained, moist soils. When choosing a place to plant strawberries, do not plant in a heavily infested with perennial weeds ground. Control perennial weeds can be extremely difficult. Also, avoid sites where strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers are grown in the past three years to reduce the risk of problems with root diseases.
Power Plant
Buy strawberries from a garden center or nursery reliable reputation correspondence. The floors of this old plantation are often infested disease. If planting must be delayed after purchase, place the plant in a plastic bag and place the wet material,planting strawberries such as wood chips or peat moss around the roots. The plants will die if their roots are allowed to dry. Keep strawberry plants in the refrigerator 32 to 40à'F. The plants can be safely stored in the refrigerator for one to two weeks.
Planting Design
Type determines strawberry planting design. Fruiting strawberries are planted in June 18-24 inches apart in rows 4 feet apart. planting strawberries Brokers develop and dispose freely and ultimately form a matted row about 2 feet wide plants.
Everbearing and day-neutral varieties commonly planted in beds which consist of two or three lines that are 1 foot out. The plants are spaced 1 foot apart in rows. There should be a 2 foot wide path between the beds. planting strawberries All runners that grow ever bearing strawberries and day-neutral plants are removed and remain as large individual installations.
In early spring (late March and April) is the best time to plant strawberries. Remove the strawberry storage when you are ready to plant. You remove the older leaves, place the roots in water for an hour, then plant immediately.planting strawberries Adjustment of each plant in the soil so that the crown of the plant is still in the ground surface.
Immediately after planting, water the strawberry plants and apply a starter fertilizer solution to help business. Starter fertilizer solution can be prepared by adding 2 or 3 tablespoons of a complete soluble fertilizer, water, as 5-10-5 and 10-10-10 in a gallon of water. Apply 1 or 2 cups of each plant. planting strawberries
Flower removal
All flowers must be removed from June-bearing strawberry plants during the first growing season. If the berries are allowed to grow,planting strawberries they will reduce plant growth, production hallway and harvest next year. Check the plants once a week and remove the puncture or cut flowers.planting strawberries Bloom should leave in early July.
Remove all flowers and strawberries dating back to neutral day for a period of six weeks after planting. The flowers that develop after this period may be allowed to grow in the fruit.
Irrigation and weed management
Strawberries have 1 inch of water per week for good growth. Water the new planting of strawberries once a week during the dry season.
Weeding is essential for optimum plant growth. For gardeners, culture is a measure of control over practice. Cultivate often, but shallow, to control weeds. Hand weeding may also be required periodically. planting strawberries
The varieties offered
Richie suggested varieties of strawberries in June-bearing Iowa include "Pearling" Sure crop 'Honeyed' ',' ',' 'Alistair', 'Jewel' and 'Late glow. "Tribute" and "Tristan" excellent strawberries are day-neutral.planting strawberries

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