How do potatoes grow ?

how do potatoes grow:The potatoes are ready to be planted 

how do potatoes grow About two weeks before planting, place a seed potato in a sunny and warm dry place. The heat allows the potatoes grow eyes, they are the homes of new potatoes. About 3 days before planting, plants cut into about four pieces. Each data set must contain at least one eye so that the potatoes can germinate. Add the pieces for a few days so that it forms a thick layer on the tip. 
how do potatoes grow 
Potato planting 

how do potatoes grow Plant seed potatoes to 15 inches apart in rows and covered with a thick layer of earth. The potatoes are exposed to sunlight during the green growth around and are toxic. When the buds begin to emerge from the soil, cover several inches of soil.howdo potatoes grow 

Development of a Pope 

A few weeks after you plant a seed potato eyes on the seeds begin to germinate. These epidemics are the new plant potatoes. During what is known as the stage of flowering vines that are above the ground begin to do potatoes grow Harvest potatoes grown between the earth and the upper part of seed potatoes. It is important to keep these outbreaks and their mounds resulting entirely covered with earth so they are not exposed to sunlight. Potatoes can start reaping about three weeks after the end of flowering. Delving into the soft ground, removing the popes who are big enough to eat and leave all the potatoes they need to grow a little do potatoes grow

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