The Best Way To Growing Asparagus

growing asparagus:If you like asparagus and want to push a little to you, do not waste time getting up. Even with the best care, an asparagus bed will not come to pass for several years. However, once that happens, growing asparagus the bed will produce a bumper crop of spears spring after spring for at least the next 20-30 years.

In the old days, gardeners have learned to prepare a bed of asparagus dig "deep trench 18, then fill with a mixture of compost and soil. Thanks to breeders at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Moreover, the improvement of existing varieties of asparagus are less work (6 "to 12" depth is sufficient) and produce nearly twice spears per plant.growing asparagus increase in production is due to the fact that these are hybrid cultivates men , so that no energy is wasted seed. Similarly,growing asparagus there is no baby asparagus plants that can compete for space and nutrients So forget the old varieties of asparagus Martha Washington more new varieties are also resistant to both diseases common asparagus and asparagus .. aquarium mold.growing asparagus

A bed of asparagus during the third week of the season. Read more on our blog: Please send asparagus

Before planting a new asparagus bed is essential to eradicate all weeds and grass planting area - even if it takes a year of preparation. Asparagus plants can not tolerate competition from weeds. growing asparagus Although the amounts can sometimes be seen growing in a trench between the thick grass, domesticated varieties not survive. No, no weeds. Period.

claws are generally available only once a year in early spring. So plan accordingly. growing asparagus Once the bed is free of weeds, dig a trench about 12 "deep and a foot wide. Crowns should be planted at 18" intervals in bed, so I put a shovelful of compost and cup of polyvalent organic fertilizer in the trench while 18 "phosphate Roc, natural mineral powder.,growing asparagus is another good addition. Phosphorus promotes strong root growth, does not move through the soil as easily as other nutrients . one chance to strengthen the root zone, so do not miss your chance.

Mix the compost and fertilizer with a little garden soil and shape it into a small mound. Place the asparagus crown on top and down the sides of the roots. The upper part of the crown should be about 6 "below the soil surface. Cover the roots with garden soil to the crown and water wells. As buds begin to appear, put more soil until the trench refilled soil surface level.growing asparagus

If grasses or other perennials to settle on a bed of asparagus herbs is almost impossible to get planting.growing asparagus So keep your asparagus bed padding, from the beginning, with shredded leaves or straw. During the first two years, poor and often carefully herbs - asparagus roots are near the surface and can be damaged by weeding tools.growing asparagus No other vegetables are inserted in the same bed. Asparagus hates competition of any kind.

The Snip-n-drip irrigation system can be customized to fit any bed of asparagus - including raised beds.growing asparagus

Initially asparagus grown in swamps and wet places, thereby maintaining consistent soil moisture is important for good production. growing asparagus You may want to install drip irrigation or a soaker hose if you live in a dry region. Irrigation is especially important during the first three to five years of growth.

To stay productive asparagus bed, do not be too greedy. The first year after planting, you can reap some spears from each plant.growing asparagus Choose for about two weeks and then stop so that the leaves can grow and begin to feed on the root system. growing asparagus Harvest three weeks next year, and four to six weeks. Choose well, and your plants will not be able to develop a strong root system and the energy reserves they need to produce an abundant harvest of spears in the next season.

The diameter of the nozzle is not related to the quality.growing asparagus Spears should be harvested when they are 5 '7 "tall and before the tips begin to loosen. Once the boards are loose, spears become tough and fibrous. To raise lances, cutting or breaking just above ground level. Leaving heel causes no damage to the plant. growing asparagus Once the bed is well established, the harvest can continue until the bed product thin spears are less than half an inch in diameter.

Once the harvest season is over, it will be late spring / early summer, let the spears grow naturally. Grow 4 'to 6' feet tall with light lacy leaves, green. growing asparagus Keep the bed weeded, mulched and watered.growing asparagus Healthy leaves more energy than plants for harvest next year. When autumn comes, the leaves turn yellow. At this time, it is generally best to cut the leaves about an inch above the ground level and remove them from the area. This will help keep pests such as asparagus beetle, hibernate. Also make sure that your bed is clean and ready for next spring.growing asparagus

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