Planting Asparagus-The Easy Way

planting asparagus:Asparagus is a perennial plant stem point that greets us every spring. It can 
take 2-3 years to start and produce, if patience is required! But then, the plant can be productive up to 20 years, so I think it's worth the wait. 

Asparagus has male and female plants, with the female plants produce fruit. Regions with cold winters are the best for this season's fresh harvest.planting asparagus 

Asparagus is planted in early spring as soon as the soil can be worked. The plant is grown from "crowns" (plants 1 year).planting asparagus 
Remove all weeds in the bed, digging over and working at 2 - to 4-inch layer of compost, manure or soil mix. 
Dig trenches about six inches wide and 6-12 cm deep. Some experts believe that the shallow trench 6 inches are best. 
aversion asparagus with their "wet" feet, so make sure your bed has good drainage. Therefore, raised beds can be a good place to plant asparagus. 
Create a mound in the trench and plant the crowns 15-18 inches apart, planting asparagus spreading the roots of the ridge. 
Cover the roots with soil and crowns 2 inches deep and water thoroughly. 
As the push rod, fill the rest of the trench with soil, leaving 3-4 cm from the exposed root. 
When the trench is full, add a layer of 4-8 inches of mulch and water regularly. 
Do not harvest spears the first year, but cut the dead foliage in late fall and side-dress with compost.planting asparagus 
During the second year, keep thick mulch bed, side dress in spring and fall, and reduce dead foliage in late fall. 
Asparagus beetles 
The rot 
Harvest / Storage 
Asparagus can take three growing seasons to harvest, you may be able to reap a little during the second year.planting asparagus 
For subsequent years, bedridden and second year and harvest thicker than a pencil just spears. 
Spears are cut about 6 inches long at an angle. 
Asparagus freezes well. 
Recommended varieties planting asparagus 
White asparagus is not a choice, but simply asparagus grown in the absence of sunlight to prevent the development of chlorophyll. White asparagus is a little softer, but less fiber than green asparagus.planting asparagus 
Purple Asparagus is high to be purple, but turns green when cooked. Purple varieties tend to have thick spears, but less.planting asparagus

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