How To Freezing Peppers.

Canning and freezing food is a tedious effort.freezing peppers Peppers! Do you have lots of peppers? I'll share what I'm doing a quick and easy freezing my peppers and my banana peppers. It is so easy and fast!
What you need:

cutting board
freezer bags
Large container
perhaps a baking ..
paper towels

Ok, here we go. This will bring the peppers, and the bells and the sweet banana peppers. NOT hot ..freezing peppers different instructions at the end of this.

Take your peppers and brush.freezing peppers Then cut the stem and seeds of their downtown. Usually, I give a quick under the cold water tap to remove only part of the resistant seeds.

Place pepper on a cutting board. Slice, dice or chop peppers depending on how you use them. You can see in the picture above, I'm not accurate! I put them in a colander after cutting. Then left there a little (if I have time) to have the most moisture is out of them. I take a paper towel and blot them to remove even more moisture.freezing peppers Then bag in freezer bags. I prefer to freeze the peppers in Ziploc bags double zipper paintings. Press the extra air and seal and the date of writing and peppers in it. Shot in the freezer, preferably not stack up frozen.freezing peppers Remove and use as needed.

If you are hot peppers, PLEASE USE GLOVES! I say this because I put pepper one year without use and burned.freezing peppers Please learn from my mistakes! Peppers asked the same manner as described above.

Some people use cookie sheets to freeze their peppers. Put the peppers in the hob, freezer, put them in a freezer bag and continue until the end. I love the concept of this, the peppers are not more likely to stay together, so they are easier to use. But it does not seem to take the time. I freezer bag just mine. Usually, I have to give the bag a good shot or two on the counter to loosen the peppers.
freezing peppers
That's it! Like I said, the peppers are easy and fast to freeze. Try it. I like to use in soups, stews, goulash, lying on scrambled eggs, hash browns. Oh, I could go on and on. Go freeze some peppers, you'll be glad you did!freezing peppers

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