How To Planting Blueberries

planting blueberries Grow lots of both common and rare fruits, apples, pears kiwis in the leg feet. I love them all, but if you are in a hurry to recommend only a must grow fruits, blueberries would. These Indians have stolen my heart for many reasons.planting blueberries The fruit is rich and seductive sweet, especially when fully ripe on the bush to commercial producers of luxury they can not afford. The bushes are fine specimens in the landscape, it is not surprising given its lineage to the mountain laurel, rhododendrons and azaleas. In spring, the branches are decorated with delicate flowers, bell-shaped. Summer brings lush blue foliage that turns red in late autumn. Blueberries have thorns, so a joy to prune and harvest.planting blueberries 

If a good taste and beauty are not enough for you, blueberries are literally just what the doctor ordered.planting blueberries Blueberries contain more antioxidants against the cancer than any other fruit or vegetable. So what are you waiting for? 

Varieties and soil 
The first key to success is choosing the right variety for the time and to give society. Blueberries produce more and larger fruit when planted at least another variety to allow cross-pollination.planting blueberries Planting multiple varieties with different maturity dates also extends to the harvest season. Each summer, enjoy more than two months of freshly picked from my bushes fourteen (representing 9 varieties) here in the state of New York Bay. 

Before deciding on specific varieties you have to choose the types of blueberries that are best suited for your region:planting blueberries high bush blueberry dwarf, medium-high or rabbit eyes. No matter if you live in Manitoba or Miami, there is a type of Blueberry that grow in your backyard. (See "adapted to your climate, varieties below.)planting blueberries 

A second key to success is the ground. Blueberries require very different soils with most garden plants enjoy. For blueberries thrive, the soil should be well ventilated and damp, humus-rich, and most importantly, very acidic.planting blueberries However, these conditions are difficult to create. Start by doing a soil test, after acidification, if necessary, at a pH between 4 and 5.5 by mixing sulfur, a natural mineral, the season before blueberry.planting blueberries The amount to use depends on your initial soil pH and texture of your soil, and varies from one to seven pounds per hundred square meters. If you indicate in its analysis of soil for blueberry plant, most analytical services will tell you the amount of sulfur to use. Mix in the first six inches of soil on the surface of the mature root zone.planting blueberries

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