Planting Grass Seed-The Best Way

Planting grass from seed is an economical alternative to laying sod. Even a person with little or no knowledge of the landscape can plant grass seed, and end up with great results. Unlike laying sod, grass seed can grow results instinct. However, you also have a beautiful garden, save money and have the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when you see the final results.planting grass seed  
Step 1 

Before preparation, you must decide what type of grass you want to plant. Looking seeds annual or perennial seed? What is the color of grass is what you want? Want lush grass thick, shaggy long grass, or grass on? All these questions are difficult, planting grass seed  but they are important.planting grass seed  Consider the area where you live to make that decision. Some grass needs full sun, while others grow best in partial shade. Time is also an important factor. You do not want the grass plant can not take the heat, if you live in Florida. 

Step 2 

Once you know what type of grass you want to plant, you have to buy the seed. The reason you should do it now, because some herbs are harder to find, and you can use to have their seeds sent.planting grass seed  Check with your local hardware stores, garden supply. You should be able to find a grass seed to meet your needs in these areas.planting grass seed  

Step 3 

Now that you have your seed is the time to prepare your lawn.planting grass seed Looking to fix some empty spaces in your garden? If so, you might want to use the same type of seed that you have more. If you can not end up with a different tone, texture and length. planting grass seed  If your desire to replant the whole court of the seed, you must remove all the herbs and existing weeds. This is not an easy task, but it can be done. 

Step 4 

planting grass seed :The garden now looks like a sand trap. The water in the sand until the water is absorbed, a simple garden hose and watering makes this simple task. To check if absorbed scraped 4 inches with a shovel. If you have sand, then you need more water, if you have a wet basement, then you can stop watering. 

Step 5 

Once the water is absorbed into the earth wants to explore the top of the surface. This allows you to ensure that your floor is uneven, and the sand is ready for seed. If you end up with dry sand, dry sand or if your outside you, just add a little water.planting grass seed  Once you have the ground level, you can plant your seeds. Be sure to leave marks of indentation made by the commission, you want your floor is not smooth. If the ground is soft seeds will all end up in a heap. 

Step 6 

Sowing seeds is the easy part. planting grass seed  planting grass seed  You can buy a drill for about $ 25.00 or you can do it by hand. To make the hand you want to get on and off the field to throw a few seeds in each direction every four or five steps. With a handful of spatula just walk out on the lawn regularly. And with a walk behind spreader just pushing up and down your lawn. 

Step 7 

Once the seeds have been distributed will sprinkle inches using a lawn irrigation water for at least an hour. This helps the seeds are covered with soil, the more it allows them to germinate.planting grass seed  

Step 8 

Water. Water. Water. You must keep the lawn watered. Early morning is the best time to water. You want to water the entire area in which the seeds were planted every day for at least 30 minutes to an hour for the next two weeks.planting grass seed  After two weeks, you will see the remarkable growth of weeds can be reduced to every day for half an hour for the next two weeks. After that, you can water the lawn twice a week for one hour.planting grass seed  

Step 9 

After two weeks if you notice bald now would be a good time to throw a little extra seed in these areas.planting grass seed  Remember that your new lawn will be visible for several months.planting grass seed  You should avoid things like parking your car in it.planting grass seed  

Step 10 

Now your garden is beautiful as their neighbors,planting grass seed  and all that's left to do is enjoy. With the money saved, you can even buy a new grille, and invite your neighbors lawn for a barbecue. Laying grass seed is simple, anyone can do it. The hardest part is finding the energy to maintain the edge of the grass.

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