How to grow garlic indoors?

how to grow garlic indoors:Have you ever thought it would be good to have inside of growing garlic, available whenever you need it for your favorite recipes? Since garlic cloves shoot no seeds, it is quite easy. Here is a guide to help you develop your own garlic inside during the winter months.

When planting your garlic

The best time to plant your garlic in the fall. The plants grow throughout the winter months and be ready for harvest in the spring. It can take up to 180 days to produce a to grow garlic indoors If you plant garlic in the spring, it will still grow, but the bulbs will be a little lower.

Choosing a clove planting

Although you can buy your garlic cloves in a nursery or greenhouse, it is not necessary. Just buy large bulbs of your to grow garlic indoors Make sure they look healthy and are full-bodied.

Choose a location for your Sunny Plants

garlic plants thrive in sunny locations, so a windowsill would be a good choice to place your plants. To keep your plants get root rot, make sure the container has holes in the bottom for drainage. There should be good air so that any excess water can evaporate easily to grow garlic indoors

How to plant your garlic

Select a container that is deep enough for your cloves and large enough to plant several at once. Garlic needs a friable to grow garlic indoors You must combine rich compost or cow manure with your muck and loose fill your container.

Separate the cloves out of the bulb and plant each two inches deep. Plant each clove, pointed end up, about six inches apart. When done planting water the soil well. Cover it with three inches of mulch to protect your plants against the to grow garlic indoors Straw is an excellent choice.

Caring for your garden garlic

how to grow garlic indoors Feed your garlic plants with garden fertilizer and make sure the weed. If you keep your soil moist, you will soon see green shoots sticking up through the straw. Remove the mulch when the green shoots appear (early spring) and start feeding your plants with garden fertilizer. Feed them once a month and be sure to water every two days.
how to grow garlic indoors
As soon as the green shoots turn brown, stop watering your garlic to grow garlic indoors It is a sign that they are almost ready for harvest.

Your garlic crop

When about two-thirds of your tops of plants have turned brown, it's time to harvest. Gently push a garden spade in the bulb and remove it. Do not pull on the ground by its top. Collect all your garlic at the same to grow garlic indoors

how to grow garlic indoors Feel free to use some of your freshly planted garlic immediately. Dry the rest linking your bulbs together and hang them in a warm place. Once dry, they can be stored for future use. Bon Appetite!

how to grow garlic indoors

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