Growing Broccoli-6 Easy Steps

The best climate for growing broccoli 
Broccoli not tolerate freezing 20 ° F (6.5 ° C) and likes daytime temperatures around 50-70F ° F (10-20 ° C) and certainly not more than 80 ° F (26 ° C), or is bolted to the seed. 
Some varieties of broccoli are best for warmer than other regions, in order to verify that grows locally or ask the store nearest plant to the ideal plants for your garden. Basically, no matter where and how to grow broccoli, there is no getting around the fact that when mature in the cooler months, a very sweet taste.growing broccoli 
When planting broccoli 
Depending on your climate, sow seeds in early mid-summer, which will take 4-6 weeks before the transplant list, or planting by the end of summer. Broccoli needs to develop a good size with a strong leaf growth before cold weather in.growing broccoli If you get your broccoli growth time without incurring excessive heat, which will be ready in late autumn and winter. 
It is a way of growing broccoli, but the plants can be planted in winter to early fall and get a harvest to gather before the high summer temperatures arrive. Make sure that the winter sun hits them for 4 hours or more per day. 
The production of seeds and seedlings of broccoli 
You will not need a lot of plants, as each plant will produce continuously over time, but consider the successive plantings, and you do not want all mature at the same time. Even better is to cultivate different varieties that ripen at different times. growing broccoli Generally, 8-10 plants are enough for the average family in a season. Allow 3-4 weeks between the space of plantation crop in time. 
Week approximate harvest: 
broccoli seeds take 11-15 days, but sometimes up to 20 weeks. 
broccoli plants take 8 to 12 weeks of transplantation until the time of harvest,growing broccoli depending on the variety. 
It is best to sow the seeds of broccoli in baskets or trays first and subsequent transplantation. Why? Because the seeds are small and round, growing broccoli and tend to run away from Roseville if you try to put down! New plants are tiny gourmet breakfast for slugs and snails to get the first game in which you can keep an eye on them before sending them to the big bad world. 
less resistant Prick the seeds of broccoli sprouts plants.growing broccoli At about 5 weeks, once they are 7-10 cm (3-4 "), or at least four true leaves developed primary or can be planted in the garden bed. Plants must be placed within 45 cm (18 ") out of most varieties and dwarf varieties, a space of 30 cm (1 foot) away. Water well and do not let the plants dry out completely from now. 
The preparation of the soil before growing broccoli 
Try rotation Calciferous crops such as broccoli, root crops or raise every year or every 2-3 years. If you do not have the space, growing broccoli do not worry if you need to plant broccoli in the same area as last time, as long as you do not have diseases such as club root. See pests and diseases broccoli 
Although broccoli like to have uninterrupted growth without long periods of drought, but also as their roots in poor drainage, growing broccoli so that, if necessary, ask your broccoli growing through the mounds. They love compost soil added, and do not care if even partially composted in advance. Compost made from animal manure or well-rotted chicken manure gives good levels of nitrogen broccoli necessary. 
Nutrient requirements for growing the best broccoli 
Broccoli is a plant of green leaves to grow rapidly in the fertile soil is a must. To really keep the broccoli grows well and as a champion, especially after the first signs of how landmarks, periodic fills every 3 weeks or more organic fertilizer values ​​... remember he is hungry and in a hurry.growing broccoli 
Compost tea, specially formulated with added chicken manure is excellent for growing broccoli. If you can get alfalfa meal is another useful nitrogen fertilizer. 
Growing broccoli, left a layer of mulch of straw,growing broccoli leaves, etc., or a couple of inches (5 cm) of grass clippings. This will help keep the cool, moist soil prefer broccoli. 
broccoli varieties 
broccoli varieties are on the production of flowers, sometimes by a large head, loose jewels individual times. growing broccoli On the other hand, are large heads of cauliflower varieties individual. 
Debates rage about whether some plants include cauliflower, broccoli broccoli or varieties. Called something in a country reconvene elsewhere.growing broccoli Holies Noli broccoli! 
This is what I know ... and as Forrest Gump said, this is all I have to say about it ..

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