Planting Leeks

planting leeks
When many gardeners think vegetables tend to think green beans, lettuce and peas - Culture of anything that gives a surplus, because they need to use quickly,planting leeks but winter crops ripen and remain in the ground for several months. They may be increased every week, effectively becoming a storeroom outside and harvest, when prices are higher.

Leeks are one of the staple foods of winter and the members of the onion family is the most difficult of all cultures. However,planting leeks the cold of winter, they can be relied on to survive. They can be boiled and eaten in white or cheese sauce or soup with potatoes. If a dish requires onions, leeks can be easily replaced in quiches and stews, etc. They are easy to grow and beautiful month. planting leeks

Based on its leek seeds
leek seeds can be sown in a greenhouse,planting leeks between February and March, because this hardy vegetables germinate in cold conditions.

Once the plants are in place that you do not have to worry about the cold nights. However, they are shallow-rooted, like all gallium, planting leeks do not look deep moisture. Seedlings dry out easily and can be screwed (or run to seed) later if they become scarce water resources. It is therefore essential to keep your wet seeding and sunlight in the greenhouse. Leeks can be planted outside in the ground in a hole, but it was not until mid-March at the earliest.

The best way to increase the appropriate size leek is used in greenhouses 6 x 4 modules. Fill each space with seed compost and place two seeds in each.planting leeks F'S Varies producers are better and faster germination. Remove the lower seed and leave the other to fill the space. The water extract of algae, plants once three inches tall - it hardens and nourishes the plant foliage.

The accumulation of water in plants leek © Val Bourne Once seedlings are thick pencil (after ten weeks or more), they are ready to leave. However,planting leeks even thin leeks (those who do not have thick enough) should be on the floor at the end of June, if possible.

Make a deep hole with a planter and place a plant of each leek then fill the hole with water - a technique known as puddlings in (see photo right).planting leeks
Tops and roots do not need to size - this is the story of a former life.
Fork in the ground a few days before planting, it is easier to get the planter in.
Leeks do not do well in compacted soil, so add some composted organic matter really helps this spectacular growth. It must be fall before planting. planting leeks
Make sure that each hole is at least six inches deep (15 cm), with nine to twelve inches between each (22-30 cm) and the bottom of the earth is pale white and remains flexible. This is most useful for the cook.
The lines should be between 0:15 inches (30-38 cm). Broader help evacuate air and prevent diseases like rust areas. planting leeks
The graft is usually performed in the second half of May, although it can be planted until mid-July, in an effort that most of the growth takes place in the fall.
Once the plants were "puddles" of water the entire plot well and keep it moist. No boat in the water, use a spray if possible. planting leeks Give the whole area a thorough soaking for at least two hours in the second half of the day.
Continue to water this way whenever the dry weather occurs in the first month after planting. Once they are established, they leave to their fate.
Keep weeds -planting leeks remember these shallow roots.
Lift you need, using a fork, because it is better to consume very fresh. Not stored.
If bolts leek, cut the stem.
Then ground to launder more rod and some gardeners grow into a ditch and gradually fill in.
Choose a good variety F'S - seeds germinate better. planting leeks Avoid old varieties as Mussel burgh - are full of cellulose and difficult to eat and digest.

"Rowing" AG
Smooth skin Main crop F'S hybrid leek is much nicer on the belly of the coarse texture, cellulose filled "Mussel burgh. Long, elegant handles that are cooked slowly. planting leeks

'Carlton' AG
A former F'S variety producing mid-dark green flags,planting leeks but Carlton 'screws easier some - if not for dry gardens.

AG of King Richard "
Early variety producing pale green leeks - screw resists. planting leeks

"Apollo" AG
Vigorous plant with beautiful dark green leaves that unfold from a thick white chevron. Prepared from mid to late winter and corrosion.
planting leeks

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