Fast Growing Hedges

Why small plant?
 fast growing hedges
To create a coverage that is very dense and bushy from the ground up is advisable to plant seedlings and small. Many people are turning to small seedlings or bare root and think it will be years before they do something that looks like a "hedge funds".fast growing hedges  If you choose larger plants often the result can be that the coverage is rather incomplete at the base. Plants as large are more expensive and are more likely to fail than small. fast growing hedges

To display the speed of coverage can be created with seedlings that we took a series of photographs of certain species in their first and second year of growth. Other pictures are taken in the future until the hedges are mature. The site of this experiment is carried out and wind at the top of a hill in a nearby growing hedges  If you were in a warm coat valley should be faster results, but the site chosen to give you a better idea of ​​the average conditions in Britain.

Preparing for REACH floors
 fast growing hedges
Please make sure you are ready for your plants as deliveries are made during the week where you might be able to plant or soil may be frozen or covered with snow. Plants deteriorate if left too long in their original packaging, it has an area of ​​cultivated land in a sheltered land prepared in growing hedges  To do this, dig a trench about 50 cm (20 inches) deep and cover the area with polythene to prevent drying and prevent freezing. When the plants arrive, unpack and other bare roots should be soaked for two hours in the water. Plant bed prepared in the trench and cover the roots with the ground water when growing hedges  Plants can remain in that state until they are able to plant in their final. Each container cultivated plants should be watered if necessary, and maintained in a safe place until planting.
 fast growing hedges
Preparing the ground

If possible, the preparation made before the winter planting season - while the climate and the soil is still warm. Water copiously dry soil before cultivation is carried growing hedges

To prepare the ground for cover, dig a trench at least 45 cm (18 inches) wide and 30 cm (1 foot) deep along the proposed discharge with better ground cover, if necessary. fast growing hedges  For each tree or bush delete a circle about 1 meter / 1 grass court diameter and growing hedges  Cave area at least 30 cm (1 foot) deep and improve the soil structure, if necessary.

To improve soil structure, incorporating generous amounts of compost and decomposed compost garden, well rotted manure,fast growing hedges  mushroom compost or composted bark. If the soil has poor drainage add sharp sand or gravel (make sure it is free of lime). If the soil is clayey careful not to create a strong pool at the base of the trench to prevent water from flowing freely.

If this preparation is done before planting soil is then established and viable when you get to put the plants during the winter fast growing hedges . Even if the ground is cold and ice on the surface, it will be relatively easy to turn so well prepared.

Plant new plants and mulch well with at least 5-10 cm (2-4 inches) tree bark or other cushioning material around the growing hedges  You can put the landscape fabric on the first floor and through this, the padding on top. Mulch is very important because it suppresses weeds and helps conserve valuable moisture in the surrounding soil.

It is essential that all conifers are protected from drying winds during their first winter and the growing growing hedges  If the weather is particularly severe or website is subject to strong winds, a windbreak should be constructed, for example, networks of protection against the wind. This will help prevent the plants from drying out before establishing their roots. fast growing hedges

For all plants, it is essential to keep them well watered during their first year, even in winter when it is idle. It is important to keep the moisture in March, April and May, just before the break dormancy. fast growing hedges  As an example, in dry weather, at least two gallons (10 liters) of water per meter / square yard should be applied twice a week. It is also advisable to spray the foliage of conifers in the evenings as well as irrigation. Use the thinner the pipe to make the task easier end.

Make sure all links are safe trees, but not too much, and no grass or weeds are allowed to grow around the plants for at least a year. fast growing hedges

In the early years, the plants often come in leaves and flowers much later than established plants and should not assume that plants have failed if it is later in the growing hedges  Evergreen shrubs can drop their leaves when they are transplanted to re-grow new shoots within three months after planting.


If planting bare root, balled or potted plants grown strongly advise using Root grow. Root grow strengthens the root system of the plant to a newly planted can find more food, nutrients and water plant. This means that less fertilizer needed, the plants are established more quickly and reduce the failure rate. fast growing hedges  The product can be applied while planting, as it must be in contact with the roots, but as it is so effective that it may be wise to delay planting until you have acquired enough to tackle the roots of your growing hedges  It is available in the garden center or by mail. Learn more about Root grow here.

Broadleaf MP3 fast growing hedges  is ideal for use with Root grow because it is a gel water retention that young roots can push through and will last up to five years in which the plants are well growing hedges  Rain or irrigation water will be organized around the root of the absorption of nutrients, and they can be used by plants as needed. More product details are available growing hedges

Planting and pruning INSTRUCTIONS

When planting and maintenance of a new cover which is very important to follow the instructions on the size of plants and seedlings that come with or are available to store garden fast growing hedges  growing hedges  Some people do not like to cut the cover crop, fast growing hedges  or forget to do so, and many varieties This will lead to coverage that is not dense at the base. The best coverage developed from a good basal regrown - so cut ensure this takes place at the time of planting or early spring.
fast growing hedges 

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