Growing Spinach

growing spinach Spinach grows faster in well-drained soil rich in organic matter such as compost or composted manure and a pH of 6.5 to 7.In grow spinach twice a year, plant about 4-6 weeks before the last frost spring and after 6-8 weeks before the first frost in the fall. Transplant Bonnie arrives at the local time for spring and autumn sowing. plants transplanted into the recommended label space.growing spinach If you do not have the label, good space in general is about 12-18 cm distance, which gives the leaves room to achieve full tender leaves size.For, anime spinach to grow rapidly and uninterrupted through the amendment of soils rich in nitrogen such as blood meal, cottonseed meal, manure or compost or timed-release fertilizer incorporated into the soil before planting.growing spinach Or, use liquid fertilizer such as Bonnie Plant herbs and vegetables regularity of the rapid growth of food. Dilute according to instructions on the label.

Warmer weather makes spinach to bolt. The leaves are not as good taste when the plant is in full bloom.growing spinach
When spinach starts screwing in a hot climate, it has a bitter taste and is ready to be removed. Plants are tall and slender with thick stems when they begin to bloom.growing spinach

In spring, the plants will grow tall and bloom (called bolting) when the days are longer than 14 hours.growing spinach Heat also accelerates flowering, spinach prefer temperatures between 35 and 75 Correnta degrees.Our variety is slow to bolt tests in the research farm of the Oregon State University in Corvallis, has lasted longer than others without screwing. People who do not have the luxury of Correnta temperate assess the extent of spring crops in the country.growing spinach

Because it bolts into the lengthening days of spring spinach is a popular crop in the fall, when the days are short and cold. growing spinach The plants are hardy, resistant to cold as adolescents with low 20s very cold temperatures, once they are well established. This quality makes it ideal for the winter in Zone 8 and south.

In cold climates, some gardeners plant spinach in a cold frame or cover plants with hay and let the winter, but it will be the first to produce a crop in early spring.growing spinach

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