Planting Raspberries - How To

Planting raspberries
Acquisition of planting material
Buy disease-free planting materials.
Suction inactive - with bare root canes layers tip or growing plants in tissue culture.
control plants in the fall or early winter for spring planting.
Specify a delivery date.
Raspberry transplants
Traditional transplants
Lance bars are red and black raspberries.planting raspberries Spring plant at the same depth they were in the field / nursery. Extending lateral roots. Trim the stem to 5 cm and water immediately after transplantation.planting raspberries

Tip-cuttings are layers of ripe black and violet. Plant any latent buds growing tips of the crown against the surface.planting raspberries Bury ring 3 inches below the soil surface. Real extending laterally and firm the soil around them. The water immediately after transplantation and cutting the stem along the ground.

planting raspberries Root cuttings - Plant 3 inches on the ground (2 feet 3 oz hedges / or website). Transplant in the spring when 5-8 inches tall and water immediately after transplantation.

Plant tissue culture

Plant tissue culture occur inside. The plants tend to be uniform and free of disease. It hits the ground after a frost-free period. Cover the top of the root with the soil to a depth of 3/4 inch. Reaffirm the soil around the plants and water immediately after transplantation. planting raspberries

Systems raspberry planting

Hill system - plants that grow in the hills, wide spacing, control of weeds growing between and within the line, it is recommended in areas sloping.planting raspberries Good for the types of black and purple raspberries.

Seton system - the plants are grown in continuous rows one to two feet wide to form a hedge. Control limited to one direction culture. Bulkier, good for crops that produce many offspring. Good for red and yellow raspberries. planting raspberries

Linear system - a change from the previous two piglets failed to grow in culture in width around the mother plant.planting raspberries Good for black and purple raspberries.

Separation and tying raspberry

Red and yellow raspberries (in rows 2-3 feet between rows 10 feet) with a small trellis.

Black raspberry (row 3-4 feet between rows 10-12 feet) have spread and fall usually low lattice.

Purple raspberries (in rows 3-5 feet between rows 12 feet distance similar to erect raspberries) stronger than black raspberry does not require mesh. planting raspberries

Bower raspberry

Trellis is an open framework used to support the training of raspberries. Lattice affects the rate of plant growth, competition with suckers, methods of harvest, the quantity and quality of fruit, disease and pest control.planting raspberries

Types of fruiting regrown (raw fruit canes year) - fruit on the tops of long poles tend to lean ground therefore need support, temporary mesh during harvesting to facilitate movement between the rows of plants.planting raspberries T-mesh is commonly used.planting raspberries A T-mesh is a T-shaped wooden poles or metal, seven feet long and three meters long triangles with screw eyes to hold the cord or metal cable. The message is placed on a three-meter deep hole in the center of each row, which is slightly wider than the diameter of the rod. PVC pipe 3 foot can be fixed in the hole immediately after they dig to prevent collapse.planting raspberries The holes are dug 25 to 30 feet between rows. Messages can be removed and used the following year, while the buried PVC pipe is left in the ground. Canes are cut to the ground after harvest in late summer.

Types of fruiting Floridians (rods second year fruit) - Canes winter remain intact through the next growing season,planting raspberries support needs, and to Floridians primacies as V-mesh is commonly used to separate vegetative and fruiting stems.planting raspberries V-truss is comprised of two terminals located on the ground to 20-30 degree angle facing each other in the outer edges of the row of plants, forming a V-shaped structure attached primacies fruiting develop into outside and in the middle of the shape of V. Fruiting cut after harvest. Primo canes that will bear fruit the following year to avoid thin competition.

Soil requirements and the site

Deep, well drained, loamy soils with good water capacity and organic matter retention. Good for root growth,planting raspberries which can reach up to 4 meters.

Drip irrigation during the summer, because it prevents wetting of the foliage, flowers and fruit or water while keeping the foliage dry.

Requires 1-2 inches of water per week is 35 liters per 100 feet of line per day.

It requires full exposure to sunlight.planting raspberries Factory on high ground away from trees and buildings.

Need a good air circulation inside the cup, but the wind is not excessive.

Plant away from other bushes to prevent viral diseases.

Avoid planting raspberries wilt in eggplants, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes have been planted over the past five years.planting raspberries

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