Growing Zucchini In 6 Steps

growing zucchini                                  
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True zucchini are uniformly tapered along its length, and are provided - Never turn. We include summer squash here "round zucchini" because they are so similar in growth habit and utility. Zucchini develop a bulbous end which forms the seed cavity,growing zucchini                                  
 known as the type name Coachella. A the end of the day, they are all very productive summer squash.
Securitas pep
Family: Luxuriance
Season and area
Season: warm season
Zone: 2-12
Direct seeding or transplanting in late May or early June when the soil is warm. For transplants, starting seeds indoors for the first two weeks of May. The optimum temperature for germination of the soil: 25-35 ° C (68-95 ° F). The seeds should germinate in 7-14 days. growing zucchini                                  
Sow seeds 2 cm (1 ") deep. Sow 3 seeds in each place where you want a plant to grow, thin to the strongest.growing zucchini                                  
 Try zucchini space of at least 45-60 cm (18-24" ) apart in rows 90-December (36-48 ") apart.

Ideal pH: 6.0-6.8. These large fast-growing plants need high humidity and lots of food. Growing up in a rich, well-drained soil in full sun.growing zucchini                                  
 Dig finished compost or well-rotted manure beds, and dig in 1 cup of complete organic fertilizer in each graft. Water the soil around them when watering, and always avoid overhead watering, such as wet leaves attracted to diseases such as mildew. Keep eliminated. Misshapen or shriveled fruit can result from incomplete pollination. growing zucchini                                  
 Do not forget to remove the plants you see, before they start to rot, and put them in the compost.
In the garden of his house, it can be tempting to zucchini on plants. A well-developed plant will provide enough fruit for the average family. growing zucchini                                  
 Instead of planting several zucchini, use this space for other vehicles.
Pick regularly to encourage more fruiting plant. Zucchini leaves are often very difficult, so throw the fruit skin nice touch. growing zucchini                                  
 Fully ripe squash has a thick skin:growing zucchini                                  
 chickens like them.
information about the seed
Under optimal at least 80% of the seeds germinated conditions. Seed of common life: 2 years. To 100 'line:growing zucchini                                  
 180 seeds per acre seeds 3M.
Diseases and pests
Grown in rich soil in full sun will squash some problems. A common complaint is the development of powdery mildew on leaves. It begins to appear in mid-summer, as gray spots on leaves and stems, and is literally mold.growing zucchini                                  
 Is the result of excess moisture, and can be avoided or minimized by avoiding overhead watering at any time. Try to water plants early in the day, and the water table around. Avoid plants rush to improve air circulation around them. The leaves that are severely affected by mold can be removed, but thrown, not the compost.growing zucchini     

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