Growing Leeks

growing leeks A few years ago, when I lived in Scotland, I often walked through the picturesque streets of Musselburgh, a village perched on the outskirts of Edinburgh. I especially admired a stone house with a beautiful border of green leaves, blue leeks covering the stones of the street to the front door. In each glimpsed garden,growing leeks leeks grown. Among the hills of potatoes in circles around tomatoes, hidden among the leaves of lettuce were leeks, leeks, leeks.

Imagine my delight when buying seeds for my own small garden, I saw a bunch of leek seeds "Musselburgh."growing leeks I have planted this year, and I have been saving delicious varieties from seed. Ai brought seeds throughout Atlantic with me, only to discover the variety is available here. Some catalogs in this country called 'Giant Musselburgh' and with good reason.

The leek is a vegetable not only loved and garden ornament, but also the national symbol of Wales. Therefore, an image of a leek is printed on the sterling money every three years. Britain is not the only country with a passion for leeks. In Prague, I saw buyers clamor to buy onions, which are expensive and rare.growing leeks Dried leeks can be had for a pittance at any time. In Europe, everyone grows leeks. They eat every day, and are available in the markets in Athens Aberystwyth low cost.

In this country, paid about a dollar each for leeks, but it is easy to develop your own. Using methods that have been developed for several years in Edinburgh and in Connecticut, I enjoy a wide range of late summer until spring.growing leeks

A leek for every season
Leek Culture
• leeks Sow late winter inside the fall harvest. Start more leeks in August for the spring harvest.
• To grow in soil that has a lot of fertilizers and nitrogen.growing leeks
• Do not let the lack of water leeks.
• Once you start growing leeks,growing leeks up the hill every 2 weeks to recover from the white.

Leeks are biennials alliums members, a tribe that includes onion, garlic, onion and chives. The white cane has a mild onion flavor almost sweet, green leaves are stronger flavor. I grow several varieties,growing leeks planting a spring crop eating late summer winter and fall harvest to enjoy the spring.

Leeks grow beautifully in rainy and cold places. Do not worry warmer and drier, however, when pampered with plenty of water and a thick layer of mulch to keep the soil cool and weeds at bay.growing leeks

In southern New England, I sow leeks in March inside. The relatively rapid growth "falltime 'goes on the ground in mid-April and is ready to eat in August "Kilima" also began in March, mature in autumn. "Saint-Victor," growing leeks which is a beautiful soft purple in cold weather, is ready for soups and stews holiday. The color fades in long cooking, unfortunately, but the magnificent display in the garden is a reason for growth 'St. Victor ".growing leeks

Start more seeds' falltime "every four weeks in the next two months. Begin the end of May, 'falltime'
growing leeks gives me Thanksgiving leeks if I pay well. Leeks are greedy. Mine drinks per week or compost manure tea throughout the growing season. lot of nitrogen allows large and succulent leeks.

Giant Musselburgh growing leeks 'really makes my most superb crop of leeks. Tang Long, strong and a good choice for the winter, "Musselburgh" is acclimated to my garden, growing bigger and stronger each season.

Scotland heritage "is not just a pretty face with its blue, but also a very strong leek, short shanked with what I consider the best texture and superlative flavor. I sow this variety in March and again in August It also winters very well.
growing leeks

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