Freezing Carrots Easily

freezing carrots:
Selection of high-quality cores:

Fresh carrots can lose some of its crunchy texture during freezing, but it will still be good for cooking. Select young and tender carrot average length, free from cracks and dryness. Carrots are often softer. freezing carrots At harvest, the leaves in the garden until you are ready to deal with, but do not let it become too large or woody.
Preparation for freezing:

Remove the top, Wash and peel part. Leave whole carrots. Cut into 1/4-inch slices other cubes or julienne along with a food processor. A 1 liter bottle holds about 2 1/2 to 3 pounds slice or diced carrots. About 12 medium carrots mashed = 1 liter.
Bleaching time: freezing carrots

freezing carrots Water blanch small whole carrots 5 minutes, the chopped and sliced ​​lengthwise strips for 2 minutes apart. Steam Blanch 3 minutes and 7 respectively. Quickly cool and drain.
The best method of freezing (s):

Boiling bags: Place the desired quantities sliced ​​or julienned carrots bags boil, add the desired condiments, press the air and seal. Blanch in boiling water (4 bags at a time for 8 to 10 minutes), bags with ice water, freezing carrots and julienne. Claim head space half inch.
trays: clean and prepare the leaves or whole corners and either leave bleached or unbleached. Place in single layer on baking sheets and freeze. Once completely frozen (12-24 hours), the container and the appropriate gel. Claim head space half inch.
Packs cabbage leaves dry transfer over cabbage shredded or bleached or unbleached directly into suitable containers for freezing. Leave a space of 1/2 inch. freezing carrots
Suitable packaging:

freezer containers must be resistant to moisture and vapor and should not be subject to cracking or breakage at low temperatures. Containers should protect food from absorbing flavors or odors and should be easy to label.freezing carrots Suitable packaging includes plastic bags for freezing quality, rigid plastic or glass or high strength aluminum.
Maximum storage time:

10-12 months at 0 º F.
 freezing carrots
Add directly to cook food without thawing.
Tips and Shortcuts:

Whole carrots are less freeze well, so it is best to freeze the slices, chunks or strips. Whole carrots can be left in the ground during the winter if they are covered with mulch heavily, spring break with the former followed by refreezing may affect the quality and access to them in the winter can be difficult. freezing carrots
Core cooling:

Wrap the carrots in paper towels and store them in plastic bags for 1-3 months.

freezing carrots

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