Growing Chillies - Best Way

growing chillies:Despite its exotic associations, the fire bell peppers are easy to grow.

There are an increasing number of varieties available, but all have similar growing needs (both them and tomatoes).

Plants need sunlight and high temperatures to produce the best crops, so they are best kept in a greenhouse or conservatory - although it can be moved outside in summer.

What you need

A packet of chili seeds
seed trays or small pots
Seed and Cutting Compost
Large pots and potting

As pepper plants are of tropical origin, will not survive outside through the harsh British winter.

However, due to relatively warm summers can be placed inside and brought out later in the year, where they will be more likely to produce a decent harvest. Just remember they are soft gel and require a minimum temperature of 10 º C (50 º F) and light to grow well. growing chillies

Fill small pots or seed trays with a seed and cutting compost, available in all garden centers. Water using a watering can with a sprinkler well, and wait about 10-15 minutes for moisture management through your seeds before planting.

When you do, growing chillies the space about 2.5 cm (1 inch) and cover lightly with polyethylene containers to help retain moisture.

The pots should ideally be placed in a position of warm light (like a window) in late winter and early spring.

Once the plants are large enough to handle, transplant each individually in a pot of cm (3 inches) filled with standard potting soil.growing chillies Move plants into larger pots as they grow to maintain a good healthy growth.


As long as you manage to keep the temperature hot enough, you will find nice-peppers are growing rapidly once they are established. growing chillies They can be very greedy accordingly.

For this reason, you should avoid using general or multipurpose compost that can be seen in garden centers and opt for a mix of powerful ground.growing chillies For a truly bumper crop, you must also feed the seedlings with a half-strength solution of fertilizer for house plants liquid every week.

When plants are 12-15 cm (4 ½ 6 inches) tall, they are ready to be moved into their final containers. A pot of 30 cm (1 foot) should easily support three. growing chillies

Plant them so that their roots are just below the surface and slightly firm watering of the compost with a attached to an irrigation sprinkler well.

growing chillies:If payment settles, fill each pot until the surface is flat and is about 1 cm (½ inch) from the edge. "Pinch" the best advice plants by cutting just above a leaf, to encourage more buds to form and create a better overall shape.

You must train canes with cable ropes fruits are abundant and large and heavy (see seed packet). growing chillies


Potted plants should be placed in a sunny, sheltered, preferably growing in a greenhouse until it happens all danger of frost - usually around early June.

Check the day pass and make sure it never dries.

Once the plants begin to bloom, you can begin to feed. Use a brand of fertilizer recommended for tomatoes, growing chillies which are rich in potassium which develop in (garden centers and nurseries will have a lot to offer).

Placed outside the fruit plants will grow better and was (hopefully) the visit of pollinating insects such as bees.growing chillies If the plants begin to bloom early, you can get out of the hottest part of the day (to provide the insects with the opportunity to visit) and is likely to get an early harvest because of it. growing chillies

Do not forget to bring them back inside once the temperature drops, permanently once it reaches the autumn weather. Flowers pollinated fruit will continue to provide for a couple of months later. growing chillies


Chiles can be collected and consumed,growing chillies even when they are very young, but the best flavor usually comes from ripe fruit.

Ideally, choose fruits that you need, growing chillies choosing those that are green, swollen and shiny and cut with scissors
growing chillies

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