Growing Fennel

For those in the northern hemisphere the longest day of the year falls on either 20 or 21 June (for South Hemispheres is Dec. 21-22).growing fennel The longest day of the year marks a distinct turning point in the calendar of the gardener, with summer well and truly in control and, hopefully, the first wave of cultures coming thick and fast and if n ' not already snaffled up.

With players like early peas and potatoes, beans and carrots lifted and torn, the first free spaces on the ground will be a look now. growing fennel Of course, any producer of vegetables worthy of the name must be remembered that this is the perfect signal for sowing and planting more for crops that can be enjoyed within a few months and autumn / fall. For me, spring is largely a mad rush to get everything up and running before the warm weather arrives increases from summer vegetables is a more relaxed affair - close to the pace early planting sprinter.
growing fennel
Fabulous Florence fennel

Perhaps more forgiving plant to start this time of year is Florence fennel, also known as Pinocchio name or, more commonly, growing fennel fennel bulb. The attractive feathery foliage of this culture is matched only by its exquisite aniseed flavor that makes a good match with fish (test plots to cook mackerel with fennel slices of lemon for dinner sublime). But fennel has many strings to his bow that - pop songs in a stew of cool things, or finely chop a bulb over a collection of garden salad with mandolin head. The leaves can be used in place of fennel leaves.

fennel is perhaps a somewhat misleading name as "bulb" is, in fact, the basis of the inflation stem of the plant. But this is nitpicking than anything you need to know is that it is a vegetable Luxury -growing fennel treating a gourmet kitchen gardener!
 growing fennel
The right place
One reason for planting fennel in summer, it is his love for sunny conditions. The Mediterranean, which is home to a fertile free-draining soil,growing fennel but reveled in the love for the warm rays of the summer. While Mediterranean areas during hair equivalent spring, more northern latitudes should take the time to be sure of success.growing fennel In summer the soil warms more than enough and success will be all but assured.

Despite its origins bronze, however, fennel not tolerate drought. While soil moisture hunger is not necessarily bad for the plant itself, there is great news for us, the dry soil helps the plants to bloom early race at the expense of those juicy bulbs.growing fennel Soil that is paid a harvest earlier and mulched organic matter have a better chance of retaining greater soil moisture.

To ensure adequate moisture is likely that you have to soak the soil thoroughly before planting with fennel. Beware of potatoes thick glasses, which exclude all but the heaviest showers of rain. After all your remaining potatoes to the ground tends to be dry powder. growing fennel
Wait for a good rain to pass before planting fennel,growing fennel or go on the floor repeatedly with a sprinkler or hose to re-wet. fennel can also be grown in compost bins versatile.

Planting and cultivation
Planting is easy and the best way to do this in the fennel is growing. Sow the seeds in the soil free of weeds which was raked to a fine texture, seed production of 1 cm (0.5 in.) growing fennel deep.growing fennel Station can plant three or four seeds every 25-I'm (10-Bin) in each direction, leaving the heavy thinning seedlings at each position, or sowing seeds in rows before thinning steps. It is also possible to sow in trays composting module before planting, but it quickly because the root crops disturbance hate.

Few pests shake your plants,growing fennel but slugs (as always!) May be the exception. Night patrols to collect shells viscous trapping beer or a pinch of slugs animals safely help you control the population.

As the bases of plant stems begin to swell can be "grounded up" like potatoes, pushing loose soil against the foundation.growing fennel This not only lighter and therefore more tender bulbs product plants provide adequate support and prevent it from swaying in the wind. growing fennel


Do not let the fennel seeds operate or "pin".growing fennel The number one rule when grown this vegetable another easy way service should be - and I mean must - keep off the roots (but not flooded). Water during dry periods and apply manure or grass clippings around plants to lock it in.

Modern varieties are more resistant to bolting.growing fennel The call includes Victoria resistant varieties Vis-AA foliage ordered the "Cantina season" and "perfection" with the appropriate name end Look out for them in very hot climates heat alone can induce flowering -.. Shadow other crops or temporary higher compensation can reduce heat. growing fennel

If one or two plants in flower stretch, do not despair. No rush to get them out of the compost pile. Yellow umbels are not only look great, but they are a powerful attraction for all kinds of growing fennel beneficial insects. growing fennel fennel flower is an impressive and could even make the case that provider fennel acts as pollinator predator / pest!

Enjoy bulbs
fennel bulb can be used in any size, with small blisters and offers the best for use in salads. Hot bulbs taken during the heat of the day, you can cool off with a dip slices in a bowl of ice water for more than an hour.growing fennel They quickly regained their strength and flavor. Cut the bulbs an inch above ground level and allow the strain to reappear (a trick also works for cabbage). The advantage of having feathers is delicious and delicate buds. growing fennel

However you use your fennel bulb, you'll be glad you planted. Just think, in just two months of reading this you could enjoy the luxury of their own lamps. It is an attractive idea.

growing fennel

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