Hydroponic Strawberries

In this article, we examine why people are increasingly hydroponic strawberries and how to get started.

Certainly, there are many advantages of hydroponic strawberries and requires up to 40% less work than using the methods of conventional farming.

In addition, you do not have to deal with the mess of the soil to start. Will be no difference in acidity and flavor of this popular summer fruit when grown using this method.

They can also be grown in such a small a window. Although strawberries are grown using hydroponics on a commercial scale as well.hydroponic strawberries

With hydroponics you can find a way to grow strawberries and other fruits in a space of any size, plus a budget that will fit almost any pocket.

How to grow hydroponic strawberries

If you want to keep to reduce costs all you need is:

Strawberry (s)
Mixing hydroponic
Five gallon (20 liter) plastic container
What is vermiculite?

In the above list that can leave you scratching your head vermiculite. Well, it is a hydrous silicate,hydroponic strawberries ranked phyllosilicates that expand significantly when heated.

Is the material during assembly of a hydroponic system that is cheap and effective. Do not worry, it's easy to get good nursery.

A breakdown of how to grow hydroponic strawberries

Make sure there are holes in your container
Clean and dry the container
Fill the container 2/3 vermiculite
Moisturize your vermiculite hydroponic strawberries
Choose a location thought *
Take potted plants
Remove all debris from the root system
Bedding plants all dry and brittle leaves
Place the plants in the container with vermiculite
Add more vermiculite on the roots until full recovery
Put the strawberries in a well lit area selected above
Mix the nutrient solution according to package instructions
Water the plants with nutrient mixture
* Requires a minimum of seven hours of use daylight or full spectrum light and a temperature range of 57-70 degrees Fahrenheit.hydroponic strawberries

This is all your strawberries are good to go. So a question to keep the water level so that the roots are always hydrated.

No plants are weeding and caring for them as long as you continue to water the plants remain healthy.

Some additional tips for hydroponic strawberries

The reason we added a spray bottle with the list is that we regularly recommend spraying strawberry plants. Increase the humidity around the plants like. As excess moisture is kept out parasites.hydroponic strawberries

I also want to emphasize again that plants do need a lot of light. The ideal is 14 hours of light to copy full spectrum lights if you can ensure enough light.

After taking a strawberry ripen any more. So please simply choose when ripe strawberries which means it will be red and firm to the touch.

Benefits of Strawberries

Strawberries taste as we all know, but also are very nutritional. For example, did you know that if you eat 10 sized Strawberry receive 150% of your daily vitamin C intake? This is the equivalent of eating a whole orange.hydroponic strawberries

Strawberries also contain vitamins K, B2, B5 and are rich in iron.

Strawberries are fat and the same portion has 3 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of protein and 7% of your daily requirement of folic acid.

Strawberries contain antioxidants control fight free radicals and carcinogens.

The seeds are also a good source of dietary fiber and can help bad cholesterol levels

More cooking these fruits do not lose all the benefits above!

Why not start growing your own hydroponic strawberries today and join the revolution in food production

Want to learn more about hydroponic strawberries?hydroponic strawberries

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