Growing Celery

growing celery We left our base of celery hanging out in the bowl of water for about a week or two. During the week, around stems began to dry significantly, but small yellow leaves from the center of the base began thickening, and grow out of the center, and are dark green. Growth was slow but steady and clear.growing celery

After 5-7 days were complete, we transfer our database of celery in a pot and completely covered to keep the tips of the leaves with a mixture of soil and compost.
We sprinkle generously after planting in the ground, global growth really took off.
growing celery
Not only do we regenerate celery leaves the base, but you can clearly see the rods went up. It's amazing that you do not even have a week after planting in soil:

A few notes:
Change the water every two days, while in the planning phase "saucer". Also used a spray bottle to spray water directly on the basis of where the celery leaves are growing out.
Tutorials we saw showed celery plant directly in the ground outside growing celery - you can go this route if you live in a warm place or if you want to be able to harvest outdoors. I went with indoor planter, because it is still very cold here in Virginia, we have limited outdoor space in the city, and the space that we are currently protected our puppy curiosity.
Keep celery water generously after planting to prevent prosperous.growing celery

Update 1: After a few weeks of time more and more in our sunny window, celery has continued to prosper.growing celery The leaves have grown thick and generously and celery really took the form below:

Update 2: This is how we see almost 3-4 weeks of growth:

Find the update complete 3-4 weeks with more photos and details on the progress in this post.

Update 3:growing celery Here's how we're looking at about 5 months of growth, still inside, even in the same pot:

At this point, we were really able to cut the stems need revenue and branches of green celery continues to regenerate the center of the plant. Find comprehensive update 5 months, even with more photos and details about the progress in this post.growing celery

For those who wonder about the pot, we have by recycling a can of steel cut oats we were doing. Simply clean the case,growing celery  then the holes along the base to create the drain.

We put a thin layer of mulch at the base to help with drainage, followed by a thick layer of dust / soil from the ground.growing celery After placing the base of the pot perfectly celery, fill the remaining space with more soil / compost to completely cover the base of celery space. We kept the top of the oatmeal box and turned to put the new pot on top of it - the lid is a perfect fit of the custom base and traps any flow of regular irrigation.growing celery

As always -growing celery we will certainly keep you informed of the progress of our container of celery and we hope that you let us know if you decide to try it for yourself! If you've tried this before, what other types of plants known to repel a similar way? growing celery

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